Late night Poem

When it all started 

When all of it has changed 

Elders lost the hope 

Young didn’t have anything chained, 
Where does this culture came from 

How much far will it go 

Helping others is a folktale nowsdays

Selfishlessness is all what prevail,
When we became so narrow-minded 

When we drop in ourselves 

Eyes searching for hope 

Have nothing to see other than thinking binded ,
Binded with materialism 

Binded with wealth 

Binded with popularity 

Have now everything to sell ,
Is that what is future 

You should be a marketing person 

Sell everything you can 

No matter how no matter when ,
Wonder sometimes 

Are Urban’s ahead or rurals 

One lost the nature 

Other live in it ,
When we started pushing others to well 

Wish we never did wish we never did 


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