What’s Next ?

What is it Like to Achieve?

We all strive hard to achieve something great in life .

Our targets change

We change

Our Neighborhood gets changed

We become a all new person

Then we set a new target

Story Continues  like a cycle .

As soon as we get over a target by achieving a new feat as its not always a very joyful feeling. This feeling gets reduced as we grow older. As soon we achieve something we  start thinking over a new aim. May be its a sign of we getting older .

Is this all?What about the Joy?

No its not that way . Joy get buried under deep which flashes in front of your eyes time after time .

What to do next?

The best thing to do is to relax atleast for sometime and realize what you achieved . Targets will come and go its you who have to stop and look around. One must not forget the friends we met in this path of life .


Is it okay to become workaholic?

Several people have this question. Is it okay to be workaholic?  I think its very very okay . Work is the best motivation one can have . Its the only think that pushes you forward

You will go to the sky , having your friends held high

Living in this awesome world , with thousand hi’s thousand bye’s

What will remain in this materialistic jungle

will be the memoirs having You & I , You & I


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